COVID-19 Signs

The government has issued clinical guidance for the detection and diagnosis of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), and infection prevention/control. We have made available a range of suitable signage for indoor and outdoor use:

  • Easy-to-use light weight free standing signs, hard backed signs and simple self-adhesive signs.

  • All our signage has a laminate designed to withstand repeated cleaning.

  • Any sign can also be customised at your request.

This is now available to order via our online shop. Delivery can be expected between 24 - 72 hours, depending on demand.

*Due to the increased demand during this current period, lead times may vary. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this.*

Coupled with this, our range of in-house Sign and Label Printing Systems, allows you to make on-demand signage and labels for;

  • Way finding

  • Restricted areas

  • Contamination zones

  • Public information

  • General guidance and good practice

~ The software is windows based, easy to use and we have designed a large range of ready to print signs and labels. We also have standalone/mobile options, which come with a laptop computer.

~ Technical support and setup can be offered onsite, via video link, or over the phone.

~ The machines print thermally onto industrial grade vinyl which is suitable for use outside, this can be easily cleaned as required.

~ We have created packs designed to make in the region of 300 signs sized 400mm x 100mm. These labels can be put together quickly, to make much larger signage.

All machines and associated materials are available for next day delivery.

If you are interested in a Lighthouse Printing System, please contact us for more information, or visit our main website.

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